Anthony’s® Pasta’s Roots Are In Southern California

Anthony Bizzarri left his family, friends, and home in Italy at age 17 with the equivalent of $40 in his pocket. In 1906, he found a job peddling pasta door-to-door to residents of the Little Italy district of Los Angeles. After learning everything he could about the pasta business, he partnered with Ralph Raulli in 1916 to build the L.A. Macaroni Company. Together with Raulli, Bizzarri became well-known for making top-quality pasta, and often cooked up pasta dinners in his kitchens for his employees and other groups. He even served his famous pasta to the Los Angeles Dodgers following their historic move from Brooklyn to Los Angeles.


In 1927, Bizzarri bought Raulli’s share of the L.A. Macaroni Company and renamed the business Anthony’s® Pasta. As his business grew, Bizzarri bought the first modern pasta press west of St. Louis. With his Italian heritage, experience in business, and passion for pasta, Bizzarri expanded his business throughout Southern California.


Since 1916, Anthony’s® Pasta has been trusted by generations of families to provide high-quality, delicious pasta, noodles, and macaroni.